Mobil Serv℠ Oil Analysis Service

​​Mobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis provides you with critical information on the health of your operation to help you:

  • Enhance equipment reliability to increase productivity
  • Reduce maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime
  • Improve equipment durability
  • Lessen lubricant consumption
  • In-house Technical Training class

    We have conducted more than 100 in-house training classes since 2009. Our trainer has a wide depth of knowledge with over 18 years of experience in the lubricant industry and is internationally recognized as a Certified Lubricant Specialist (CLS) by Society of Lubrication Technologist Engineers (STLE), U.S.A. The training class aims to enhance the understanding of machinery lubricants and is targeted at site-based technicians and engineers.

    Plant Lubrication Study

    Our engineers will conduct a thorough assessment of your plant’s lubrication requirements and practices. We will provide a comprehensive review, recommend best practices and apply expert insights to your operation to improve performance.

    Storage & Handling Inspection

    Our highly-trained engineers will conduct lubricant storage and handling studies across your plant, providing a comprehensive review and analysis. Our expertise and insights can help you update and improve lubrication practices that can lead to best-in-class performance.

    Certified Lube Oil Cleanliness & Contamination Control Study

    Our engineers will inspect critical equipment and secure oil samples for system cleanliness check.

    We will conduct contamination control inspection without disrupting operations. Our engineers will also recommend portable filtration, reclamation or change-out and flushing where appropriate. In addition, we will help you set and achieve target cleanliness level for your operating systems.

    Oil Drain Interval Study

    Our engineers will outline the potential benefits of oil drain optimization that are unique to each machine, component and application.

    We will conduct feasibility study, review oil analysis results and compare equipment parameters. The results will determine potential benefits of extending drain intervals, weighing risks and rewards.

    Energy Efficiency Study

    Our engineers will work with you to explore how ‘Energy Efficiency Rated Lubricant’ usage could help maximize energy efficiency – to reduce power-related costs, lessen carbon footprint and extend fluid life.

    We will coordinate and oversee pre-test, test and post-test work and document the results for discussion & recommendations.

    On-site Test Analysis

    Our engineers will inspect critical equipment systems for abnormal operating conditions and secure oil samples for evaluations of on-site conditions.

    Available on-site test properties are water in oil content, TBN, TAN, Particle Count, Soot / Insoluble and Viscosity check.

    Troubleshooting Inspection (MSAA)

    Our engineers will utilize ExxonMobil niche MobilServ Advance Analysis (MSAA) laboratory to identify root cause of failure and recommended action to prevent future failure. Troubleshooting include oil sample collection, materials inspection, deposits & filter analysis where applicable.

    Our analyst will provide comprehensive reports for documentation and recommendation.

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